Conference purpose

The protection of critical infrastructure is the primary defense task of every community. Pursuant to the directive of the Council of the European Union, the critical infrastructure includes the basic elements that are important for the maintenance of the necessary social functions, health, safety as well as material and social welfare of the state population. Critical infrastructure includes physical or virtual systems and resources, the violation of which would destabilize the life of the community on a local or global scale.

The construction of the Infrastructure Protection System is a platform for the integration of activities aimed at increasing the protection and resilience of the national critical infrastructure as well as its strategic resources.

The aim of the conference is to present various aspects (technical, organizational, legal and managerial) of the protection of critical infrastructure and possible threats of its disruption, taking into account all domains (economic, diplomatic, information and cyber environment). An important effect of the conference will be the exchange of experiences between people and units dealing with the issues of critical infrastructure protection, which will contribute to increasing the systemic and individual resistance to threats.

This meeting will enable a substantive discussion that will allow us to develop opinions on more perfect solutions for which our environment is prepared today.




Steering Committee